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Sunday, 12 March 2017

For the Love of Luna!

Luna was born late in the morning, in our foaling shed and under the crescent moon.  I had to name him Luna.  I know it is a girls name, but Luna is such a sensitive new age kind of horse, it works.  He grew up a kind and gentle and an old soul; though not entirely humble, more, gregarious.  If he was human he would be Antonio Banderas.

If we are to encourage fun, happiness, success in our Canadian horse industry, we need to raise and train more horses like Luna.  He takes care of his rider.  His first ride was a lunge in the arena at age 3, he already knew voice commands; walk, trot, canter and whoa. I lunged him, my friend Jody got on him.  No big deal.  Nothing much was a big deal for Luna, he just loves being around people and still was a horse at the same time.  He really shone when we started hosting Wwoof Guests.  Flo, also an avid photographer, rode much of the time sideways and backwards taking pictures.  I never remember ever seeing him, um, actually riding.  He was using Luna as a moving seat in the backcountry, and a moving pedistal to set up his camera for some incredible photos.  Luna loved it.

Isabella was the next person who became a Luna fan.  She had always dreamed of riding a horse, and riding one into the backcountry of the Albertan Wilderness.  Luna was the one to take her.  She had never really ridden a horse before, but was unafraid and athletic, not to mention very enthusiastic. We practised a few times at the farm, then rode a 26 km loop in Waterton Lakes National Park, saw a bear and some incredible scenery.  After the ride, at the trailer, she teared up and hugged Luna . . . an experience of a lifetime.

Many people have ridden and enjoyed their time with Luna in the backcountry.  He is a horse that is not going to harm you, will stop and turn around if things are "going pear shaped"  and usually has something comical to do in front of the camera! Including ingesting Mark and Christina's green wristband, the item of photographs from their world tour.  He ate it (it did after all look like hay) and then we found it in his corral a day or so later.  It did continue on its world journey, a little um, chewed up and having taken the same journey a Tilly hat once did through an elephant.

Luna is the go to horse to role model for younger horses learning the ropes of riding and the guest horse who will take care of our visitors.  

This week in March 2017, we are honoured to announce that Windy Coulee Dawn Luna, my heart horse, has a guest appearance on Heartland.  Thank you to all who asked the producers to create an episode with a Canadian.

Luna, we love you.  Thank you for being you!

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