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Thursday, 16 April 2015

13. Flicka's Journey - The First Ride

Flicka arrived at Windy Coulee in November 2014. She has a long journey of recovery ahead. She was fit and healthy in 2011 this is her story.  If you would like to read the whole story, scroll down to post number 1.

This just in, Flicka has started riding!  Her feet are coming along nicely and the time to get started on this project is now.  Flicka is now off the green grass as well, so needs excersize.  Bob has been working with the new horses at Windy Coulee the last month and has made super progress with all of them.  Flicka of course responded very well to the ground work and took to the saddle with ease; she was, after all, a well trained pack horse!  Then, after some careful consideration and watching her reactions to ground work, Bob just hopped on!  I was surprised to see them riding around the ring when I went out to the barnyard to watch the progress!

Great working shot of Bob and Flicka.  What a super little pony!

First ride, in the wind.  It can not be helped at Windy Coulee!

Bob did extensive ground work, "read" Flicka correctly, and got on!  I arrived at the ring to find them riding around.  Her feet are solid and she is showing no sign of lameness.  She is still under strict hoof care and nutrition protocols . . .     and her feet are being trimmed monthly to keep that good hoof growing in.