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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

16. Flicka's Journey - Gaining Confidence Under Saddle

Flicka arrived at Windy Coulee in November 2014. She has a long journey of recovery ahead. She was fit and healthy in 2011 this is her story.  If you would like to read the whole story, scroll down to post number 1.

Now that Flicka's feet are back to normal and she has been professionally started by Bob our trainer, it is time to give her confidence and experience riding and traveling into the mountains.

Bob gave Flicka a superb start, 15 rides in the ring and around the farm. He taught her to move her feet if she needed too, and that carrying a rider is a good thing!
Sarah, our volunteer from England, has taken over riding Flicka.  She is confident riding around the farm; taking time with gates, riding with different horses each time and trotting and cantering across the grassland! 

On Sunday, Flicka joined us on a 5 hour trail ride in Bob Creek Wildland!  She has been gaining condition and we thought ponying her with 6 other horses would be a nice change.  Flicka kept up with no trouble, and as much as she was a little cautious with the horses she did not already know, she seemed to enjoy the distraction of a few steep hills, creek crossings and logs.

I can not emphasize enough how important it is spending consistent time doing a good variety of regular things with a horse new to riding.  It builds their confidence and helps them learn that a new experience is a good experience, and lets them practice a variety of difference tasks in a calm, low pressure way.  This is what makes a riding or driving horse . . . the time spent after the trainer, after the starting, the time spent enjoying new experiences!  What that does is train their mind so they can become that confident, safe, reliable horse (or pony) we all want!  Flicka is on her way . . .

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