Zoe's Story

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Luna and Piper and the Stampede Parade!

That is Piper in the middle!
Luna and Wendy downtown Calgary, the way it should be traveled!
Friday, July 8 Luna, Wendy, Heidi and Piper took part in the Calgary Stampede Parade, light horse section!  Both horses were pro's and now boast of being able to deal with streets lined with 400,000 people,  army tanks, fighter planes and fireworks to name a few of the more interesting things.  We proudly rode past the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate.  I have always said, an event like the Stampede Parade is one of the most challenging things you can ask a horse to do.  We were proud to have participated and that the horses behaved so well; nothing seemed to phase them!  Luna and Wendy looked so great all decked out in the buckaroo gear.  Nicole and Heidi spent a few hours under the hot sun shampooing and grooming the two horses and putting the finishing touches on their tails and mane. Many thanks to Nicole for taking all the great pictures!

Heidi and Piper waiting at the start!