Zoe's Story

Saturday, 28 February 2015

9. Flicka's Journey - New Friends

 Flicka arrived at Windy Coulee in November 2014. She has a long journey of recovery ahead. She was fit and healthy in 2011 this is her story.

December 22: Flicka trots in, keeping up with the herd, actually, she is in front! She barely shows the stiffness she had when she first arrived.  So nice to see her movement  becoming more and more proper, and see how she has developed relationships in the herd.

The day is warm, crisp and sunny, no wind; first day of Christmas Holidays.  I stay home and do what I enjoy most . . . spend time with the horses.  Everyone comes in for mineral, a little love, and some de-burring.  The horses all have fairly long winter coats.  I always take some time to pet everyone on their side, checking the fat across the ribs.  I am pleased with the majority, most are in great shape for the winter.  Some I have to keep a careful watch to make sure they do not loose too much condition, and the few “way to easy keepers” I happily faintly feel ribs where I could not before!

Flicka and Missy - the only brown equines in the herd buddy up!

Later on I look out at the pasture, and two smaller equines are standing in the sun, out of the wind by themselves.  Flicka and Missy . . . a new friend.  In fact, Flicka leads Missy back to the herd when I approach them.  She has moved up in rank and has a follower! 

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