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Monday, 3 June 2013

New Foals at Windy Coulee, May 2013

Patricia was due May 8th, 2013.  It was worth the wait, but what a wait it was, she delivered a very healthy foal, a colt,around 1 am on May 31st!  I slept through the check and found them at 4 am, in the shed.  Patricia, the Drama Momma, is very proud, and has been standing with her head up scanning for anything that might come within a km or so from her pride and joy!  The colt is by Phenom, Julie's amazing little stallion.  But, this colt will be a big boy, long legged and is a gem, full of manners and kindness, like both his parents!

Patricia and her colt, May 31, 2013.  He was born around 1 am that morning!  His name will start with an "A" this year too!

Patricia and her colt
I love this photo, Patricia's colt is a handsome fellow with a lovely crescent moon on his forehead!

Patricia and her colt, day one.  

Quizie waited for me to come by on my regular barnyard check the morning of May 6th, she probably wondered what took me so long, I was there at 1:30 am, and she indicated she wanted to foal.  I went into the corral, comforted her and she laid down and had the foal right there.  She is a wonderful mare, and Suzanne, who I purchased her from last year, warned me, Quizie (Equiz) wants a person there when she foals!  This colt is by Dawn, Suzanne's proven stallion.  He is the full brother of our colt Zefyr!

Quizies' colt, born at 2 am May 6th

Quizie and her colt, in the small pasture in front of the house!

He is a sweet little guy, and his name will start with an "A" this year.