Zoe's Story

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Welcome and Spring is here!

Welcome to the Windy Coulee Canadian Horse News blog!  Here you will find recent pictures, events, great trail ride stories and horse show and parade highlights.  This spring Heidi, Strydr and Piper aka "Grinner" joined the dressage ring and have been competing at Training level.  Strydr attended his very first show March 12th this year and proved himself worthy of the dressage ring.  We literally took him out of the pasture, through a couple of snow drifts, brushed him up and braided him, drove 2 hours to Calgary and took part in the Carrots and Cocktails dressage show.  He still had quite a winter coat, but we achieved our personal goal of behaving well, enjoying ourselves and getting used to a very new and different environment.  Check out the dressage horse.  Not bad for his first show.  I was so proud of him going into the arena with the fancy rails and big flower displays.