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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Post 18. Flicka’s Journey - A New Beginning.

Flicka arrived at Windy Coulee in November 2014. She has a long journey of recovery ahead. She was fit and healthy in 2011 this is her story. If you would like to read the whole story, scroll down to post number 1,  November 2014.

Some sayings suggest a new door always opens when one closes.  In Flicka’s Journey, numerous doors have been opened and the journey our pony took was through all sorts of doors!  By traveling through Flicka reached health, soundness and began a new career as a riding pony.  Sometimes you want to go to the closest door, but decide that maybe being patient and reaching for a more distant door is the right thing to do.  Perhaps a more appropriate term to use would be gate . . . as in a gate to a new corral at a new home with a new family. 

For Flicka, waiting a winter to find that perfect family was worth it.  As our sweet pony continued to gain muscle and health, her search for a new home began with earnest.  And with grateful thanks going to Equine Now, the perfect family found Flicka!  I had decided to describe a profile of the perfect family on Flicka’s Facebook page a few weeks earlier . . . what is so amazing is that after waiting patiently, a family just like that emailed, asked questions, spoke on the phone, made arrangements to visit, arrived with helmets and experience with ground work and rode Flicka beautifully! 

Handing the lead rope over to the girls and Mum was so satisfying . . . I know our little pony with so much potential will do what she is great at, and will support a whole family of horse enthusiasts as they reach for their dreams for many years to come. 

Thank you Laura, Dan and your four lovely children!  Have fun.

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