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Saturday, 31 October 2015

17. Flicka's Journey - Our Nice Little Riding Pony!

Flicka arrived at Windy Coulee in November 2014. It has been almost a year of rehabilitation and it is so nice to report on her success!  Flicka had a year long journey of recovery and there is still a journey of learning and developing as a trained pony ahead.  Her story is a good one; so good to share good news stories.  Please feel invited to scroll down to post number 1 and check out her story. 
Flicka posing at the end of the summer 2015.  Isn't she pretty?

August 2015 trim - all new hoof polished up!

August trim close-up! Nice!

It is not only the feet though, and July was time to pay attention to the teeth!
Flicka traveled to Country Vets in PIncher Creek for some dental work.

Bathing . . .
 Flicka at the obstacle practice in October . . . nothing  phases her!

 Fun with noodles . . . and fun with tarps!

What is next for Flicka?  Just wait and see . . . 

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